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The team
What characterises us: A strong identification with the company VIERWERK and the resulting loyalty and dedication. The efforts of every individual giving his or her best makes us successful together. This honours the individual, values the team, and enables us all to celebrate business success as a team.

»VIERWERKers«, whether project oriented or full time staff, accept responsibility and utilize room for decision making in a clearly defined scope of responsibilities. We are aware that it is ultimately our team members work and willingness to use new solutions that determines success or failure of our business projects. Trust and authenticity are key pillars of VIERWERK.

koralewskiClaus Wittmann
Certified Engineer of Measuring and Control Technologies

Our expert in hardware developement and system solutions for high-tech application.
x-group Andreas Werner, M. D.
Aviation Medicine and Flight Physiology

Our scientist and expert for projects in flight physiology and humans in extreme environments.
Wzukunft-durch-aufstiegolfgang Czaia
Experimental Test Pilot

Member of the Society of Experimantal Test Pilot (SETP)
Our aviation representative in the United States.
koralewskiDirk von Kittlitz
Project Management, national and international

He is our expert for energy systems.
koralewskiSimon Bonnen
graphic designer and illustrator

For many years, Simon is working successfully in the field of graphics and illustration in conjunction with technical design. He takes over with his keen sense of aesthetics, meaningful layout and creative input to digital media with us.