Looking for a healthy platform for innovative business ideas? We offer intelligent co- operations.

»Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.« (Henry Ford)

Our partners think like we do: big, free and clear. They are capable people who realised that business success is only sustainable and expandable as long as all involved business partners are seeking a win-win situation on equal footing.

»Long-term – grown – time-tested« these terms are extremely important to us, because we believe that they are the only key to permanent success. We are flexible when it comes to putting together the perfect teams for specific projects; the teams are thus capable of developing what is best for the client using their respective expertise. A sustainable, partnership-oriented and responsible way of thinking determines our actions.

koralewskiAs an industrial an strategic partner with well-founded experience in aerospace, we work together on projects regarding measuring methods for the physical condition management of pilots in extreme environments, providing scientific support.
x-groupHighly motivated and superbly skilled coaches and instructors from the x-group GmbH deliver top-notch services such as training courses, workshops and seminars with VIERWERK’s active participation. Based on your needs and requirements, VIERWERK will put together an in-house training unit.
zukunft-durch-aufstiegVIERWERK actively participates in »Future through promotion – mentoring for female employees in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern« as a mentor.