Mission statement

Be substantial. Be clear. Possibly even be simple.

»A shared vision is only a vision once many people have subscribed to its veracity, because it reflects their own very personal goal.«(Peter M. Senge)

Our balance is based on quality of life, compatibility with personal ethical values and practiced humanity. Professional success and personal fulfilment to make one´s own life a masterpiece – that is our objective.

Trust is extremely valuable. We are well aware of the responsibility we have when you, as our client, leave your professional comfort zone, in order to – with our help – tackle an expansion of a business segment that will sustain your company, and bring your business forward. We also know that it is in the hands of each individual whether trust is further nurtured or destroyed. We therefore hold strictly to confidentiality agreements and clauses.

We see ourselves as innovation enablers for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for organisations in both the private and public sector. We see change as an opportunity. We are open for new things and willing to walk unfamiliar paths. We live innovation within our own organisation. Innovation to us means keeping a balance between preservation and change. We are careful to keep adapting and developing our service portfolio and processes as well as to guarantee the continued further development of our own board.

Our organisation works with people who are willing to get the job done, regardless of origin and ideology, just like us. Our strength lies within our partnerships that have one focus: the person. We enter relationships that are based on a wealth of ideas, reliability and the willingness to perform. We trigger our client’s energy, and together we run the race of a long-distance runner who keeps mobilising his energy resources, in order to reach the destination.

We keep our promises – you may trust us on that. We provide a pleasant work atmosphere, because we address and solve conflicts in the open rather than ignore them. Good manners, working together as partners and  performance-related pay lead to successful cooperation.

We invest wisely and sustainably, do not get into debt, and know how to link private interests with professional success. Our business areas should not be afflicted by general economic trends; our actions are counter-cyclic and forward-looking, and we are ambitious when it comes to getting our job done for the client’s benefit.

Using sustainable methods, professionalism and kindness, we tackle the area our client is struggling with. We don’t only want to prove our success by measurable figures; our wish is trying to win our client’s heart. Therefore we stand by our down-to-earth values; we like being generous, and it is our wish that everyone we deal with on a private or professional level may benefit from our relationship, and live towards a promising future. We live our mission.

Our international professional decisions are based on the peaceful co-existence of cultures that respect individual freedom and responsibility. It is our goal to nurture and support such values. We recognise our social responsibility, and work together according to ethical principles. Our actions are aimed at preserving the opportunities in life for today’s generation and future generations, and at enhancing their further development.

VIERWERK strives to achieve a profit maximisation only as far as it is consistent with our mission statement. Our economic goal is the long-term preservation of our business and its continuing further development. In doing so, we accept our responsibility to measure business success by what is ethical and sustainable.

In our joint endeavours we approach each other with appreciation, authenticity and trust. Our actions are led by responsible and partnership-oriented thinking.