Breaking News relating the AEROLiTE 120

Load tests completed. Passed!


We joyfully announce that the AEROLiTE 120 passed all safety related load tests successfully with flying colors.
At this point we would like to thank all people who´ve been involved in this great success: Heinz, Harmut, Niclas, Ronny, Axel, Simon, Peter, Bodo, Ehrhard, Tim, Rolf, Werner, Hildegard, Stefanie, Herrn Arndt and Christian. We´d also like to thank to all these positive and encouraging talks at the Aero 2014, telephone calls, mails/letters by interested potential customers.

We are looking forward to finally bring this 120 kg ultra-light aircraft to the European market after months of intensive and busy work. We call it our ‘European version’ of the American AEROLiTE 103.

Finally up in the air.

The completion of the certification process will be the final flight test which we are going to solve in ‘Franzfelde’ (within all strict german LTF-L/UL specificated regulations as well). In seek of the European wide license all documentations are going to the proper public authorities after that.

We´ll keep you up-to-date.

Your very relieved VIERWERK team.

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