Would you like to fly higher? We provide the Lift.

We will substantiate your wishes and ideas regarding the consecutive expansion within the international aviation area as to what is feasible, and will realise the endeavour supported by excellent partners and branch specialists.

We are involved in market development projects for the new 120 kg microlight aircraft segment in Germany and Europe. We manage the German certification process in accordance with the LTF-L.

We advise and accompany the process of building suitable dealership and service networks at home and abroad. Especially nowadays, a smooth functioning and service-oriented customer service is an important prerequisite for business success, and substantially contributes to the purchase decision.

Together with you, we will find new distribution channels in international market segments. Upon request, we will also take a look behind the scenes and examine your workflow, in order to show you the scope of optimal potential.

In co-operation with a strong partner with well-founded experience in aerospace, we offer services in the form of measuring methods for the physical condition management of pilots in extreme environments, providing scientific support.

We will take over the sale of spare aviation parts for you. Market research aimed at identifying potential customers is in the best hands with us.