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Type Certificate received

The AEROLiTE 120 has been certified on 20.11.2014 as the legal European version. It may be flown as a deregulated single seat aircraft with 120 kg MTOW. Please check the relevant regulations in your country.

The First Flight

Colorful at the sky for the first time The Aerolite 120 started yesterday for its maiden flight. It was an exciting and at the same times a very emotional event for us. Tim, our test pilot, summarizes his impressions of

Breaking News relating the AEROLiTE 120

Load tests completed. Passed! We joyfully announce that the AEROLiTE 120 passed all safety related load tests successfully with flying colors. At this point we would like to thank all people who´ve been involved in this great success: Heinz, Harmut,

Status of the Europe certification process, fulfilling the German LTF-L regulations

The AEROLiTE 120 solved 80% of all certification process relevant load tests successfully. That makes us proud! Only the base of the tail boom needs some safety related changes. After the modification and a new test we start with the


We are very happy. The first AEROLiTE 120 was sold to Ronny Schäfer (! He is the FIRST in the European Union, who can call the AEROLiTE 120 his own. We congratulate. His plans with the AEROLiTE 120, …. visit

European Premiere

Here you will  find an interesting short article concerning our European Premiere with the AEROLiTE 120. We will be glad to welcome you at the booth hall B2 – 307. See you.

European Launch at the Aero 2014

Join us for the European launch of the AEROLiTE 120 at the Aero 2014 in Friedrichshafen. You will find us in Hall B2, Booth 307. We look forward for presenting you our AEROLiTE 120 as a general importer and patterns

Expansion of Business Portfolio

We officially announce that VIERWERK GmbH has made ​​an important development due to its successful expansion in the aviation sector. Per shareholder meeting on 25/11/2013 was unanimously decided and published on 12.04.2013 in the Federal Gazette: “Provision of services in

AEROKURIER Magazine reports about AEROLiTE 120.

Watch article written today online, 31.10.13 ( and will be printed printing in Dezember. VIERWERK GmbH ist mentioned as a market developer in the new class of 120 Kilo, comparable to the British SSDR 115 Kilo. Beitrag von Aerolite120.

Start Up! The competent team takes a thorough look at the AeroLite 120.

The result of this first intense visual inspection,The experts are very satisfied with the quality, craftsmanship and technical details. The appearance of “red bravo” leaves behind very positive statements.